‪I invite all of the brands — especially those who have pulled all or part of their social media budgets until those channels more stringently moderate hate speech and disinformation — to use a new tool we developed on our FinTech platform to promote togetherness and sharing. 

We will offer this sharing feature for free to any business who signs up prior to the end of July and invites their social media followers to share that business’ product or service with a front-line worker, friend or neighbor in an effort to foster togetherness and unity.  

This new feature leverages mobile wallets such as Apple, Google and Samsung Pay enabling any business to send products and services directly to anyone by SMS/text, email or any messaging app such as WhatsApp.  

For example, Coca-Cola could use our platform to enable anyone to “Share a Coke” with anyone else — simply by sending a message. 

For a live demonstration showing how simple it is to share, simply text #StopHateforProfit to +1-650-999-0253.

Happy Saturday,

P A U L  M Y E R S

Cofounder / CEO