Disburse earnings, rewards, or incentives directly to anyone, in real-time. It's not always easy to earn and keep the loyalty of 1099 workers. Given their range of work options, faster payment can make all the difference. With Jib, payouts can be available as soon as a job is completed and the money is earned. Generate virtual and physical "cash on-demand" for rewards and incentives. Funds are available immediately!


Jib's solution enables brands to offer up-front digital cash rebates or incentives to customers. Because of the platform’s advanced controls, brands can restrict funds by merchant, dollar amount, and time. The solution may be used to automate merchant payments without any human interaction, as well as present digital cash to consumers that can be used at any merchant - without any upgrades to existing point of sale.


Digital payments enable smoother e-commerce transactions, support corporate payables and expenses, and enable making secure payments at scale. Easily track payments end-to-end and relax knowing transactions are secure by assigning a one-time token to each transaction. Set custom expiration attributes, get real-time notifications, and configure powerful controls. The next generation of digital payments is here.


Cash On-Demand

Jib’s innovative payments platform enables you to connect with your most valuable employees, customers, and partners in ways never before possible. Jib's solution includes an API that supports both digital and physical cash. Digital cash is immediately available via mobile wallets including Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, Square Cash™, Venmo™, etc. - and can be converted to physical cash by linking your bank account, Paypal™ or using an ATM.

The Jib platform includes features to enable programs that can restrict spending by merchant, merchant category (for example: hotel, clothing, restaurant, etc.), dollar amounts, time of day, number of uses and other criteria. It also includes a full suite of real-time notifications and enables triggered customer communications based on actual customer behavior, spend and other KPIs. 


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