Product trial and feedback via mobile wallets like Apple Pay™

Drive purchases in-store and online to see how customers respond to your products.

Advertisers have long found success in offering consumers a try-before-you-buy strategy. Jib Technologies, a San Diego-based startup, is hoping those advertisers will use Jib’s mobile wallet solution to engage social media audiences to drive that sampling.

Jib recently launched a social media ad product designed to get product samples into consumers’ hands. The ad type, which Jib is deploying in partnership with a youth marketing agency called 540 Productions, gives people the chance to request free samples of a product in exchange for taking a desired action such as downloading a mobile app, visiting a store and/or providing their email address and mobile number. Rather than hand the leads off to the advertisers, Jib enables the product sampling to customers by leveraging mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay and, if the advertiser wants it, checks back in with sample-takers via email and/or text, soliciting feedback and encouraging users to write reviews for the brand to use.

Advertisers can distribute the sample ads in the form of web-links, QR codes, voice overs or text message calls to action that may be included in existing advertising campaigns or via one or more of Jib’s channel partners with a combined reach of more than 1-billion total mobile app users. In the former case, advertisers can incorporate Jib codes into existing campaigns. In the latter, advertisers target a demographic audience designed using Jib’s data management platform.

Advertisers are only charged a price per lead, or may choose a CPM, which varies based on various factors including the products sampled; the baseline is a campaign based on delivery of 10,000 units of a sample product.

Though Jib expects the product sample ads to satisfy pent-up demand in some advertising categories, particularly beauty, skincare and food, product leaders also expect that it will give them access to a whole new class of advertisers, who would prefer to pay for a business outcome, rather than top-of-funnel metrics such as brand awareness.

If the advertiser wants, Jib can retarget people who claimed samples across channels, including websites and on social channels, though that would have to happen as part of a subsequent campaign.

From left to right: A screenflow of how Jib’s ads will work on Instagram.