Shell / Customer Rewards

Loop Incentives

Technology and business intelligence are meeting consumers where they are – by combining loyalty and utility in the form of payment. As consumers continue to increase their use of both debit payments and loyalty programs, these tools will become more valuable. Fox Business reports that 26% of consumers say they shop more frequently at stores where they can earn rewards, and 17% plan ahead to take advantage of rewards and promotions. Additionally, Business Insider finds that debit cards now represent 70% of all payment cards and are still growing in usage. Merchant-branded debit card transactions increased 6.9% to 224.2 million transactions. They amounted to $12.62 Billion in payment value. Business Insider estimates that mobile payments, powered by debit cards and loyalty programs, could rise by a compound annual growth rate of 80% between 2015 and 2020.

Event / Sponsorship Activation

Monster Jam™

Monster Jam™ wanted to engage event attendees and activate Monster Energy's sponsorship by giving digital payment stickers to fans as a reward. The stickers would be used to promote Monster Energy's new product launches - Mutant Super Soda and Gronk. Consumers would receive a payment sticker only after opting-in to activate the sticker which could then be used to pay for a sample of the new Monster Energy product - creating a win-win-win. Monster Jam delivers a better fan experience and sponsorship activation. Fans receive a better event experience and free drink. Monster Energy gets better return on their sponsorship investment via consumer engagement, product trial and measurable sales driven to specific retail channel partners.